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How to commission content

AAP Exclusive can accommodate any of your content requirements, from creating ideas, writing, photography and editing. All content is delivered with quality guaranteed and on time.

Our commissioning editor works directly with you to ensure a seamless process. To discuss your content needs, simply contact your AAP Newswire account manager direct, or call.

General Features

Classic journalism that goes beyond and behind the news to tell fascinating stories of people, events and trends. Our talented team can supply the words and images you need – for example…… > Read More

Entertainment & Arts

The world of ideas, artistry and entertainment shape and reflect what we do and how we live. AAP Exclusive writers share their rich knowledge of the cultural scene in stories such as… > Read More

Parenting & Relationships

There’s no infallible roadmap to family and relationships, but everyone needs a bit of advice sometimes about how to get through the tricks and turns of life. Here are some AAP Exclusive… > Read More

Fashion & Beauty

Looking good is important, but how do catwalk and red-carpets styles filter down to street level? What are the latest developments in the science of beauty? Try these ideas for size… Fifty… > Read More


Food, wine, home… Most of us work to live, and people are thirsty for information about lifestyle trends. AAP Exclusive’s experts can help. Here’s a taste of what they can offer. Culture… > Read More

Personal finance

Money – making it, keeping it, growing it – is of vital interest to everybody. AAP Exclusive can supply regular columns and features, in clear, accessible language, on any personal-finance subject, including:… > Read More


Internet, social media, gaming, tablets… AAP Exclusive can take on any tech subject, from breakthrough innovations to analysis of the social impacts of technology. Here’s an idea of stories we can offer:… > Read More


Audiences want and need a laugh. AAP Exclusive can provide funny articles and columns that put a twist on the news or take readers on humorous, human experiences. Here’s a taste: How… > Read More


Come to AAP Exclusive for the stories behind the dollar signs and city skylines. Stories such as… The sons rise Generation Next is taking over some of Australia’s biggest businesses – and… > Read More


Journalism is the first rough draft of history. AAP Exclusive can provide any content you need about historical events or the fascinating back stories of people, places and events. Here’s a sample…. > Read More


Travel isn’t only about dream destinations: it’s about practical advice, planning, staying on top of industry trends. AAP Exclusive is your destination for articles that go where most travel stories don’t. Articles… > Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Get fit, stay thin, live longer. .. People want and need sound advice on a wide range of health and wellbeing issues. AAP Exclusive can supply regular content, or stories such as… > Read More


When it comes to what’s happening on (or off) the field or track, AAP Exclusive is game, able to supply coverage that’s on the ball and insightful. Here’s a sample of ideas…. > Read More